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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Safe, non-invasive, outpatient, FDA-cleared treatment for Major Depressive Disorder and OCD.In many European countries, however, TMS is approved for a multitude of other common conditions including:Anxiety disorder, PTSD, Chronic pain, Nicotine addiction Unlike the ECT, TMS has no effect on memory or mental clarity. TMS has been approved in the U.S. for just over 10 years and so far, there are no reported lasting negative effects associated with the treatment. A traditional r-TMS session generally lasts 20 to 40 minutes, although we are proud of offering the latest, certified technology combining neuronavigation with THETA-BURST requires sessions as short as 3 minutes.

Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy

An evidence-based effective approach to a large number of disorders such as anxiety and emotional disorders. The therapy focus on the here and now and deals with immediate problems taking into consideration each person’s story and past experience. Being a short-term therapy, it is adapted to the everyday difficulties of life, focusing on the patient’s ways of thinking and perceiving and the recognition of the need for behavioral changes. 


Mindfulness is an increasingly popular therapeutic approach for depression and anxiety disorders when emphasizing onwe pay attention to the experience, not the content of the experience per se. “It is the awareness that comes out from bringing to attention, deliberately, at present, with compassion and self-awerness” says J.Kabat-Zinn, Founder of the Clinical Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Center of the Massachusetts Medical School.

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Greece TMS Center is a leading provider of mental health services based in Athens, Greece. Our team is dedicated to help you who struggle with mental health issues or who want to strengthen your cognitive and mental skills. We offer remotely and in-person our services in greek, english, swedish , italian and french. Book your appointment today!

Dr. Georgia-Phaedra Vitali

Founder, Scientific Director

TMS Certified Psychiatrist

CBT-Oriented Psychotherapist


Maria Bratimou

Chief Department LGBTQI+

Health Psychologist, CBT-Oriented Psychotherapist

Bsc (Hons), Msc


Dr Vitali cares for you as her patient and will choose treatment and give advice with professionality and knowledge. She not only knows what medication you might need, but also what therapies, food and exercise would be good for you.
I know this from working together closely in the Psychiatric clinic of  S.U.


f. Chief Physician

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