Body Psychotherapy is an approach to therapy that combines cognitive work along with bodywork. It is based on the body-mind unity and brings awareness to how we block our energy and keep ourselves restricted.

By removing the obstacles that keep us away from our longings, the person starts to move the fragmented, depleted or held energy, experiencing aliveness and integrating the whole self in the therapeutic process. The releasing of blockages brings a wider experience of who we are while step by step beginning to recognize our feelings and needs.

Artists and people who are in any way in the creative process can particularly benefit from this approach. Working with the same tools as in their practice (voice, movement, painting) artists can explore ways to express themselves and connect deeper with their gifts. As our creativity reflects the way we perceive and interact with the world, Body Psychotherapy opens a safe space where we can manifest our potential and start realizing the way we create our lives.

As many of our experiences are sometimes hard to put into words, by giving voice to them through other mediums than language, like through movement and sound, we can find a threshold to communicate and express ourselves. By giving form to abstract concerns we become more conscious and alive. In this way we are able to transform whatever is not aligned with our evolutionary process and enrich our artistic expression.

Supported in English, Greek, German.

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Photo by Kira auf der Heide